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Why )v( egadet ]-[ Totally Kicks Metallica's ass?

2009-07-19 17:50:02 by JamBrothers

There are many reasons why Megadeth Kicks Metallica's ass such as:

1. Megadeth has Dave 'Moustachio' Mustaine and he himself totally kicks ass because he's a songwriter/ singer/ lead guitarist/ rythm guitarist/ pianist/ keyboard player/ god so Metallica made their fist mistake by firing him, I mean yeah sure Kirks a great guitarist an' all but he ain't no Dave Mustaine.

2. Metallica's current taste in music is absolutely overpowered and anally raped by Megadeth's current choice as Metallica now actually does pop now what is up with than, something just doesn't seem right... Metallica + Pop ???? Metallica + Pop = $#!t. Now come on really a band name that contains the word 'metal' yet they play Pop and Rock they should be called Popallica. Megadeth still currently write and perform METAL songs NOT POP.

3. Metallica sued Napster, really how low because to be honest the whole spirit of metal is supposed to be like punk, against the govenment and 'Breaking The Law' (which is a song by one of my favourite heavy metal bands Judas Priest) and Metallica suing Napster is allowing the government to win, thats not right.

4. Mustaine broke his arm in a skateboarding accident, then he lost complete control of it after sleeping in a chair wrong and took him a year to re-train it... he didn't complain.
Hetfield on the other hand, stopped an entire show/ concert or whatever you wanna call it because someone in the audience threw something at him... He said 'Why did you do that,' Blah Blah Blah just continue with the gig.

5. I have just potentially wasted about 5 minutes of your life. These are my opinions and my views, if you don't agree i could understand, but posting some angry hate mail to my opinions is really low.

Be sure to post your views on the matter though as i will respond to them.


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2009-07-19 19:59:23

mustaine has a shitty voice, and while modern metallica does suck, their older stuff is still very very good.

(Updated ) JamBrothers responds:

Yes I do like Metallica's older stuff and to be honest yes Mustaine does have a shittier voice but Hetfield I think has worn his down a lot, much worse than it used to be, where as Dave's is the same as it has always been... Shit.